Our approach: integrated design

From the start of a project, and with efficiency its goal, L’APLOMB takes a collaborative approach to integrated design by bringing together all the related stakeholders (designer, contractor, client). This encourages communication, and as preparation is the key to success, the client ultimately benefits from the company’s integration experience. As a team we can make the best decisions and put in place all the elements needed to carry out the project fully in line with your requirements.

A winning proposition from the outset, such an integrated approach can control costs and reduce work delays while ensuring project quality and maximum energy efficiency.

Our vision: building human-friendly living spaces

L’APLOMB is determined to become a leader in eco-responsibly renovating and reconstructing durable, human-friendly living spaces that not only provide occupants incomparable comfort and well-being, but also are in harmony with the surrounding milieu and respectful of the environment.

Our mission: reduce, reuse, recycle and enhance value (3ReV)

At L’APLOMB, we make it our duty to perform highest-quality renovations by astutely using resources, respecting the 3ReV concept:

  • Reduce at the source means that we use the least amount of materials needed so as to generate less residues.
  • Reuse means recovering those materials likely to be of additional use and thus have an extended life.
  • Recycle leads us to first of all consider using recovered materials that are environmentally friendly.
  • Enhance the Value of residual construction materials implies efficiently managing them so as to avoid disposing of them in landfills.

The 4 cornerstones of our decision process

Nowadays any living space must be health promoting, optimized, energy efficient and durable. It is crucial to understand these four cornerstones on which our joint building decisions rest before undertaking your renovation or construction project.

Health promoting: As you spend a significant portion of your life in your living space, the latter should not be detrimental to your health; it should rather promote and even help to improve it. Therefore we see to it that your project is subject to no chemical, organic or electromagnetic pollutants.

Optimized: There are construction, maintenance and energy costs associated with each square foot of your dwelling. Its value and durability increases from better design, improved functionality and optimized comfort, and long-term monthly savings are an ultimate benefit.

Energy efficient: Energy efficiency is achieved by using the fewest resources for maximum effect, and even a seemingly minor item such as a low flow shower head can give a positive result. Depending on the project scope and dwelling type, it is possible, for example, to maximize the contribution of passive solar energy to heating the interior, or to select flooring that can act as a thermal mass.

Durable: With ecological awareness constantly in mind, we attach utmost importance to choosing durable materials that are locally sourced or Canadian, and not detrimental to the environment. What’s more, careful design will help to extend the life of your dwelling and increase its value in the long run.

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